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Rules of the Game: If a team finishes a match with a greater number of players than their opponents and penalty kicks are taken to determine the winner of a match, that team shall reduce their numbers to equal that of their opponents. The team captain has Rules of the Game: In the event that the game ball should burst or fail somehow during the run of play, the referee will immediately stop the match until the game can be resumed by calling for a drop ball at the spot of the failure with a fresh ball. La Bundesliga de Alemania se formó en 1963. The Guinness Book of Records recognizes Sandygate Road stadium in Crosspool, Sheffield, England in as the Oldest Ground in the World. It has been home to Hallam FC since 1860. Saint Louis University ganó la mayoría de los títulos de fútbol masculino de la 1 División de la NCCA con 10 entre el 1959 y el 1973.
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